Advanced ABA Data Collection Features

Award-Winning and Intuitive Interface

BIPTrack's user-friendly platform with integrated inline help adapts seamlessly to any workflow, be it at home, clinic, school, or out in the community. Our customizable software aligns perfectly with how therapists operate in real-world settings, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience that streamlines your processes and enhances efficiency.

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  • Track data for multiple therapy types (ABA, TIBA, DTT, SLP, OT, and PT) across multiple clients simultaneously in multiple environments (classroom, clinic, home, community).
  • Seamlessly communicate across language barriers with integrated language translations. Your staff can write notes and reports in their native language, while parents and caregivers can read them in their preferred language.
  • Enjoy the convenience of BIPTrack with no installation required. It works on any device, and offline mode is included, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data. Get up and running in less than 15 minutes!
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Practice and Staff Management

BIPTrack offers a comprehensive suite of practice management tools that are designed to help users achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and overall success in their practice management. Our software simplifies scheduling, streamlines time management, accurately tracks session details, efficiently collects caregiver forms, and provides real-time monitoring updates. With BIPTrack, organizations optimize their operations, improve accountability, enhance productivity, and foster effective collaboration among their teams.

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  • Simplify your scheduling process with drag-and-drop functionality. Automatically check for conflicts, cancellations, coverage requirements, and overages. Easily generate reports for staff and client absences or other events.
  • Streamline time management with BIPTrack's invoicing and claims features. Create time sheets, utilize virtual punch clocks, and easily generate reports for payroll and accounting purposes.
  • Assign forms directly within BIPTrack for completion by staff, parents, and other relevant parties. Even recipients without a BIPTrack account can receive email invitations to fill out forms, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Ensure accurate and verifiable therapist session location with BIPTrack's Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Our time-stamped map with latitude and longitude allows you to collect and verify session locations. Caregivers can also verify services by signing encounter forms.
  • Monitor staff activities and caregiver engagement in real time, even when remote. BIPTrack allows administrators to track and monitor staff activities, ensuring optimal engagement and productivity.
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Data Analyzation and Reporting

BIPTrack offers powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities. Our streamlined processes optimize resource management and provide advanced graphing capabilities that allow users to closely monitor behavior trends. BIPTrack also ensures consistent documentation and offers multiple methods to easily transfer data to and from external systems. Our comprehensive suite of features enables organizations to maximize productivity, make informed decisions, and effectively achieve goals.

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  • Streamline your documentation process with BIPTrack's template-driven notes and reports. Auto-populate session data, goal progress, graphs, and therapist notes, and assign them for digital signatures, saving you time and ensuring consistency.
  • Manage and share digital resources with BIPTrack's Digital Resources Repositories. Upload and organize documentation, files, and links in client and staff profiles, allowing for easy access from anywhere while also controlling access permissions.
  • Visualize progress with automated and manual graphing options. Create graphs with advanced functionalities and seamlessly integrate them into your notes and reports. Frequently accessed graphs can be marked as "favorites" and updated automatically as new data is collected.
  • Monitor data trends effortlessly in BIPTrack. Configure notifications to alert staff when specific trends or preset thresholds for frequency, duration, intensity, and more are breached or when mastery of skills is achieved. This empowers staff to make informed therapy decisions faster, leading to more positive outcomes.
  • Export your data and seamlessly integrate with external student/practice management systems. Using the BIPTrack API, .CSV exports, and scheduled FTP deliveries, BIPTrack ensures seamless data transfer and connectivity.
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Data Collection, Assessments, and Self Evaluations (with IOA)

Track data using BIPTrack's customizable, pre-built library of Trackables, Programs, and Assessments, or build your own from the ground up. Foster client autonomy and engagement with self-assessments that include inter-observer agreement (IOA) data collection. Ensure documentation and data consistency with built-in Notes & Documents Tools and by pushing updated documentation templates and other curriculum content from the library. Stay informed of goal progress and data trends using on-screen and email alerts.

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  • Customize and track your data with ease using BIPTrack's flexible "Trackables" feature. Choose from our extensive library of pre-built curriculum or create your own content. Bulk deliver updates to curriculum and documentation protocols, ensuring consistency.
  • Stay informed with BIPTrack's proactive goal progress and therapy data trend monitoring. Receive on-screen and scheduled email alert notifications, keeping you updated on client progress and important trends in therapy data.
  • Foster client autonomy and engagement by implementing regular self-assessment through BIPTrack's built-in self-evaluation feature. Empower clients to track their own progress and provide valuable input through Inter-Observer Agreement (IOA) data collection.
  • Measure verbal behavior and guide individualized instruction needed to address deficits in verbal behavior using the fully-integrated VB-MAPP assessment. Use your existing licenses, or have new licenses conveniently added to your monthly invoice.
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Secure Collaboration Portal

BIPTrack prioritizes security and data integrity by ensuring compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, and other state and federal regulations. Our platform's multi-level user authentication allows for customization of user roles and access privileges on a per-client basis. With BIPTrack, data is encrypted and all user activity is logged. Organizations can customize sign-on security with options tailored to meet specific security needs, such as secure password access, single sign-on, or two-factor authentication.

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  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, and other state and federal regulations. BIPTrack prioritizes security and utilizes flexible and robust multi-level user authentication, so you can customize user roles and access privileges based on your organization's needs. With BIPTrack, you have full control over data access and can confidently protect sensitive information while maintaining compliance with industry standards.
  • Safeguard data through encrypted data collection and document storage. BIPTrack employs 256-bit AES encryption to secure user connections, adding an extra layer of protection. Additionally, all user activity is logged for enhanced security.
  • Customize sign-on security to meet your organization's specific requirements. BIPTrack offers various options, including basic and secure password access, single sign-on for streamlined authentication, or multiple two-factor authentication methods such as SMS or email verification. Choose the level of security that best aligns with your organization's needs.
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